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Pediatric Chiropractic

Dr Halvorson adjusting childIt’s just as important that children see a chiropractor as it is for adults. Think about it: during the first years of life, children are growing at incredible rates. Their skeletal system and spine won’t be fully matured until they reach their late 20s. Though they may not complain of pain or dysfunction, an issue now can lead to tremendous problems later in life if not addressed.

Children are welcome at Sound Body Health & Chiropractic. Our team will work with any age, from newborns to teenagers. Along with care, we will educate Mom and Dad on how chiropractic can benefit their kids and family.

As the Tree Grows

Think of a bonsai tree. It’s a unique form of a tree that can be trained to grow in any direction you wish. Your child’s body can be thought of in the same way. If it moves in a compromised direction, the “tree”-their body-won’t grow as it was intended to. Chiropractic optimizes the motion in a child’s body so they can have proper alignment and movement.

Think of a child’s active life. They move, play, fall. Today, they’re on phones, computers and playing video games more than ever before. The habit of improper posture becomes ingrained in the brain and body.

Many children are unable to sit straight. Because their bodies have become so accustomed to slumping, sitting properly can actually cause them pain! Chiropractic can optimize your child’s posture and take the pain away.

When it comes to adjusting your baby or child, we use the softest touch. There is no manual twisting or cracking of a kid’s spine. Since a child’s visit takes less time, there is a discount on the fee.

You want your child to be as active as they wish. Chiropractic can help them get there. One of Dr. Halvorson’s patients was a kid who played freshman football. With back pain, he was unable to perform as he wanted. After getting care, the young man was able to drop a second or two off his 40-yard dash time. More importantly, he was pain-free. As a parent, you know that a child who is feeling good is far easier to live with than one who isn’t!

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