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Chiropractor Lakewood CO, Dr. Peter Halvorson

Dr. Peter Halvorson, D.C.

Dr. Peter Halvorson has been involved in drug-free healthcare also known as Alternative and Complementary Medicine (CAM) since he was a teenager in the late 1970’s. That is when he began his studies in foot reflexology and exploring a vegetarian diet. He discovered Chiropractic healthcare as a patient in his twenties, has been a Massage Therapist since 1993 and completed a three and half year program for his Doctorate of Chiropractic.

As a result of his studies, he has realized the great importance of a healthy brain and neurological system and the damaging effects of poor diet and stress.

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Sarah Gregonis, Sound Body Health & Chiropractic massage therapist

Sarah Gregonis, Licensed Massage Therapist

Sarah has over 1,000 hours of training in bodywork, graduating from Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2009. She has trained in Zen Shiatsu, Swedish, Reflexology, Orthopedic, Hydrotherapy including Hot Stone, Structural Kinesiology, Chi Kung, Thai Yoga, Vibrational, Reiki, Cupping, Deep Tissue, and Sports massage. She is a Colorado native and enjoys the great outdoors to the fullest; some of her hobbies include snowboarding, mountain biking, camping and hiking. Work hard, play hard is something she lives her life by; sometimes aches and pains have their place in our bodies, telling us we’ve been having fun as long as we do what is necessary to care for them. Always looking to learn and experience new things, she is beginning to study Latin. Sarah loves animals of all shapes and sizes and lives with a Siamese cat, Mr.Miyagi, and a ball python, Waldo.

Everett Wolfe, Sound Body Health & Chiropractic massage therapist


Everett Wolfe, Licensed Massage Therapist

Everett has been doing massage for 20 years, since 2001, and has become quite proficient at several modalities in the profession. He utilizes techniques of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Neuromuscular, Relaxation, Structural Integration, Muscle Testing, Bio Electronics, Passive Bio Physical Devices, Information Energy Medicine, Shiatsu, Acupressure, and Myofascial Release. He is also certified in Intra-Oral/Cervical Neuromuscular Techniques used for TMJ Dysfunctions and various types of headaches and cervical-related trauma. He thrives to advocate the body, mind, and spirit to a level of functionality that encourages healing and the development of life-giving and life-sustaining energy. When Everett is not at work, he loves spending quality time with his loving wife and four-year-old.

Brooke photo

Brooke Solis, Licensed Massage Therapist

Brooke Solis is a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in “John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach (MFR)” with over 2 decades of successful experience in treating clients in pain and dysfunction. Brooke applies the Myofascial Release philosophy of treating the mind/body complex, eliminating the pressure of the restricted Myofascial system that causes the symptoms while looking elsewhere for the cause. Brooke and her husband are new residents to Colorado. She has been traveling back and forth since childhood, but the mountains are where she most loves to be, whether it’s hiking, exploring or the peaceful silence of nature, she feels recharged and able to be a part of their grandson and family’s life.

Ann Nix, Sound Body Health & Chiropractic staff

Ann Nix, Billing and Insurance Specialist

Ann has been working in chiropractic offices since 1998 and began working for Dr. Halvorson in 2016 to help ensure quality patient care. Her main focus is with insurance billing and accounts. She enjoys substituting teaching grades K-5 and in her free time she enjoys playing with her beautiful grandchildren and visiting family in Dallas.

Moriah Chermak, Sound Body Health & Chiropractic office manager

Moriah Chermak, Patient Care Coordinator

Moriah graduated from Knox College in 2017 and has been pursuing a career in medicine ever since. She has travelled and done language and volunteer work in several countries. In her spare time she enjoys practicing Krav Maga, writing, and hanging out with her sister and her incorrigible cat, Clio.

Amanda Bray

Amanda Bray, Front Office Manager

Amanda is delighted to be helping our patients at Sound Body Health & Chiropractic with their healing journey. She is a native to Littleton, Colorado and has visited and lived in several states. Amanda loves to be among the trees, collecting rocks or on the water fishing. When she isn’t on the road, out in nature, or in the office, she is spending time at home caring for three dogs, two cats, and a ball python.

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