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Chiropractor Lakewood CO, Dr. Peter Halvorson

Dr. Peter Halvorson, DC

Dr. Halvorson’s involvement in drug-free health care started back in the 1970s. As a teenager, he began studying foot reflexology and explored the benefits of a vegetarian diet. He became a chiropractic patient in his 20s and has been a massage therapist since 1993.

After gaining a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Dr. Halvorson learned about the importance of having a healthy brain and neurological system-and the damaging effects a poor diet and stress have on our health.

The research in the last decades shows, more and more that we must change from a mindset of chasing pain and symptoms to enhancing our brain health and finding the cause behind problems. This approach is how you can have a capable immune system and a sound physical body.

Worldwide Learning and Traveling

Dr. Halvorson’s range of patients include olympians and a World Cup ski racer, and 80-somethings to newborns. He was a top ten triathlete and competitor in running and Nordic skiing events. Through regular chiropractic care, Dr. Halvorson has avoided three surgeries recommended by medical doctors and continues to be active and pain-free. His additional outdoor pursuits include backcountry and alpine skiing, trail running, kayaking, and mountain adventures in Colorado and far beyond.

Dr. Halvorson’s many adventures include traveling to 24 countries and 4 continents. He’s been to Antarctica, Mt. Denali, Paris and Tibet. He has studied and practiced yoga, and participated in meditation retreats that extended for months. Along the way, he has had the privilege of meeting extraordinary individuals, cultures and ideals. These experiences have given him a wealth of knowledge and a unique outlook on health.


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