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Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

I am so excited to announce a new blog series on all things pregnancy related! Today we’ll be starting with pelvic biomechanics, pain, and the Webster Technique.
Pregnancy- posture- Webster

As both baby and belly grow, Mom has to move and sleep differently to accommodate these change

At least half of pregnant women will experience back pain, with many suffering from severe discomfort that impacts their daily life.


The average, healthy weight gain during pregnancy is approximately 30 pounds, most of which is around the abdomen. This weight gain from the growing baby adds a significant frontal carrying load and puts increased stress on the spine, hips, knees, feet, and ankles. It also alters proper posture and biomechanics as moms change how they sleep, stand, and move to accommodate the growing belly. As the baby grows and the uterus expands, the abdominal muscles also stretch and lose their supportive strength. The weight of the baby, and the body’s center of gravity, shift forward and can contribute to low back pain and discomfort. Finally, during the third trimester, levels of the hormone Relaxin increase and cause a loosening of the joints in preparation for birth and the passage of the baby through the pelvis. This hormone, however, is unable to act on only a few specific joints, and instead flows throughout the entire body, leading to joint instability and further contributing to back pain. Common signs and symptoms of pregnancy related pain include: low back pain, pelvic pain, aching legs and buttocks, hand or foot swelling, sciatica and night time leg spasms.


How Can We Help?? Webster Technique!

“The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic sacral analysis and diversified adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation/ SI joint dysfunction. In doing so, neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis is facilitated.

Sacral subluxation may contribute to difficult labor for the mother (i.e., dystocia), caused by inadequate uterine function, pelvic contraction, and baby mal-presentation. Correction of sacral subluxation may have a positive effect on all of these causes of dystocia” (ICPA definition).

Chiropractors certified in Webster can provide safe, effective, and drug- free conservative care to improve pelvic function during pregnancy and after birth. Regular chiropractic care during the pregnancy can also relieve the pain and tension that radiates into the hips and pelvis. Chiropractic care also maintains proper spinal, hip, and pelvic alignment, which promotes optimal fetal positioning, a shorter, easier labor, and more comfortable delivery for both mother and baby.

I am certified in the Webster technique and enjoy working with pregnant moms to be. If pregnancy related pain is something you are struggling with, or someone you know has pregnancy related low back pain, please call the office to see if chiropractic may be right for you.

What’s Next??

Next up, we’ll be talking about nutritional considerations for mom’s body, and growing baby. This is a HUGE topic that we could easily spend days on, but I’ll be narrowing down to the big three- Pre-Conception, Pregnancy, and Post Partum, and how the combination of nutrition and chiropractic can help post partum for both mom and baby.

Please comment below on any additional, pregnancy related, things you might like to see!


Sources: About the Webster Technique, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association


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